Our Mission and Philosophy

Clinical Nutrition Counseling
Whole Food Supplements
Purification Programs (detoxification)
Total Body Modification
Lifestyle Planning/Stress Management
Health Food Store Tours
Jikiden Reiki Sessions

Fresh Start Wellness, LLC is dedicated to assisting individuals restore and achieve optimal health and balance to the body, mind, and spirit. We strive to educate and empower our clients to live in optimal wellness. Fresh Start Wellness, LLC will serve as an educational resource to its clients and the community regarding clinical nutrition, alternative health, and holistic living.

Our care is based on the philosophy that if the body is given the proper food and nutritional support, it will be able to heal; thus, restoring health and function. This is accomplished through a holistic, nutrition focused, whole body approach. We take into consideration the individual, biochemical needs of each client to create an effective lifestyle plan that will compliment any existing health care program.

Location and Hours
Fresh Start Wellness, LLC is currently located in Shelton, CT. The Clinical Nutritionist can see patients at Preferred Pediatrics in Milford or in the patient's home (on a pre-determined basis).   

Office Hours are by appointment only. Both day and evening appointment times are available to accommodate your schedule.

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